Risk MAP Uses High Resolution Data and State-of-the-Art Modeling to Produce Flood Information for Utah Communities

Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning (Risk MAP) is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Program that provides communities with flood information products, risk assessment tools and planning and outreach support. Each Risk MAP flood risk project is tailored to the needs of each community and may involve different products and services. The goal is to strengthen local ability to make informed decisions about reducing risk from flooding.

In Utah and most other states, FEMA uses partnerships to deliver high-quality mapping products, risk assessment tools, and planning and outreach support. Here in Utah, FEMA’s Coordinating Technical Partner is the Utah Division of Emergency Management (DEM). Utah’s Risk MAP program is actively collecting data and working with highly qualified engineers, counties and communities to create, update and digitize flood risk information all over the state.

What kind of flood information do you need?

Flood Risk Information for Property Owners

Are you in a floodplain? What does it mean if you are? How property owners can reduce personal and financial risk.

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Resources for Floodplain Specialists

Mapping process, appeals, floodplain models, levees, base flood elevations, communicating risk, and more.

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Mitigation Resources

Types of flood mitigation, case studies, and where to look for mitigation assistance.

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Risk MAP Deliverables

Products might include maps, reports, data, special studies, and/or training in areas of community interest

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map of a Utah town from the National Flood Hazard Layer viewer

Has Your Area Been Mapped?

Some areas of Utah have digital flood maps and some areas have flood risk delineated only on paper maps. Meanwhile, some areas have never been mapped at all. Click below to see a history of floodplain mapping in Utah, what regions are well mapped, and where current projects are located.

History of Flood Mapping in Utah

Risk MAP Project Lifecycle

The Risk MAP Project Lifecycle centers around sustainability and collaboration between FEMA and communities through community outreach, education, and risk communication.

Active Project Websites

Click on the thumbnails below to Risk MAP data and documentation for the various stages of that project.
Not all projects have websites—just those beginning in 2020 or after.